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To this day, Estrella Damm is brewed in Barcelona using the original 1876 recipe and 100% natural ingredients: barley malt, rice and hops.  The quality of our ingredients is of the utmost importance and as such, we work closely with local Mediterranean farmers and process our malt to the strictest standards in our own malt house: La Moravia. Estrella Damm’s yeast is unique and it is sorted under high security measures.

Ultimately, in our relentless search for quality we have not only kept our brown bottle, but have further darkened to provide 30% more protection against harmful light than the standard brown bottles, to ensure that you can enjoy the true, pure Mediterranean taste of Estrella Damm.

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With a history dating back to 1783, Schweppes is a much loved brand which is instantly recognisable to consumers, and is a good choice for operators looking to make the most of the growing popularity of mixers. It is more than 225 years since Swiss watchmaker and ‘creator of bubbles’ Jacob Schweppe arrived in London with his Schweppes drink, having pioneered carbonated drinks when he invented an industrial process to capture bubbles in liquid. Last year, Schweppes unveiled its biggest ever brand investment, which included the launch of a range of naturally flavoured premium mixers called 1783. Schweppes 1783 includes Crisp Tonic Water, Light Tonic Water, Quenching Cucumber Tonic Water and Salty Lemon Tonic Water and are delicious pairings for premium spirits, delivering a great tasting natural flavour for cocktails and mixed drinks.


Seedlip is a nature company on a mission to solve the dilemma of ‘what to drink when you’re not drinking®’ with the world’s first distilled Non-alcoholic spirits.
Two award-winning products, Seedlip Spice 94 & Seedlip Garden 108 blend individually distilled plants to create adult, sophisticated alternatives to alcohol. Seedlip was launched in late 2015 from the Founder’s kitchen and is now available across 15x international cities, served in the best 3x cocktails bars in the world, over 100x Michelin * star restaurants and 3000x accounts globally.Seedlip is sugar free,  calorie free and sweetener free with no artificial flavours and is best served with tonic or in non-alcoholic cocktails.


Aubrey Allen

Passionate about supporting the industry and education, Aubrey Allen not only run in-house butchery and meat science courses, they also sponsor events from the Roux scholarship to the BCF Chef of the Year. Aubrey Allen, a third generation family business, look after their staff and clients with old fashioned values and innovative ideas and systems.  The business was built on a commitment to sourcing, consistently, the best naturally fed and cared for meat, maturing on the bone in the proper way and creating inspiring cuts. Their Craftsmen are brought up through their in house Apprenticeship scheme; strive to be better today than yesterday is a beat that goes through the heart of all their team.

From English Earl Stonham Wagyu to farmhouse cheeses , Aubrey Allen’s reputation is as much for looking after clients as consistency; Aubrey Allen have long standing clients from the Roux family , to Raymond Blanc and Andreas Antona and whilst Aubrey Allen talk about working in partnership, their clients describe it as a real friendship.

Harvey & Brockless

We are a producer and distributor of speciality foods, working with artisan food producers across the globe. Every day, we supply to a nationwide network of customers from the smallest farm shops, to five star restaurants, hoteliers and food manufacturers.
As well as the largest collection of British farmhouse cheeses in the UK, our remarkable range includes Mediterranean deli products from Dell’ami, an enviable range of British cured meats and premium patisserie ingredients. We also have our own cheese making dairy in Worcestershire where we make our own goats cheeses. Whatever we do, from sourcing amazing food to delivering it on time, we always stick to one simple rule……an absolute dedication to honest, authentic, remarkable food.


Natural Mineral Water must come from a single protected source to ensure its purity and consistent mineral composition. The source of Hildon Natural Mineral Water is a jewel that lies deep within the Test Valley in rural Hampshire. The Hildon Estate comprises 180 acres of beautiful English countryside where hares bound, wild deer roam and birds of prey soar high above. Passionate about protecting our natural surroundings, we strive to keep the estate as environmentally friendly as possible. The purity of the environment is reflected in our Natural Mineral Water giving a clean, well-balanced flavour that has become synonymous with fine dining, enhancing the food and wine it is shared with.

The exquisite taste of Hildon has won blind tastings conducted by the most refined palates, and for good reason. Hildon has been selected as winner of the Chefs’ Choice Awards for four consecutive years (2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016).


Lavazza’s mission is to bring the authentic Italian espresso experience to a global audience. For over 30 years Lavazza has devoted itself to gastronomy and product experimentation. Its training centre, founded in 1979 in Turin was the first espresso school in Italy and the company has now opened 50 further centres around the world. Italy’s favourite coffee collaborates with high-profile chefs around the world, including Ferran Adrià, Carlo Cracco and Massimo Bottura. Furthering their devotion to the Haute Cuisine, Lavazza is honoured to be a partner of Slow Food UK, showing their commitment to food with a dedication to community and environment.

Drinking coffee outside the home is a part of everyday UK culture.  This one-time nation of tea-drinkers now produces some of the best food in the world and has also developed an appreciation for great coffee. Lavazza’s belief is that diners at top restaurants expect the coffee to be at least as good, if not better, than their coffee shop experience. As such, there is a risk that a sub-standard coffee at the end of a beautifully prepared meal can leave the customer with a bitter taste in their mouth. Lavazza believes capsule systems are the future when it comes to food service ensuring exceptional coffee is served consistently. Their BLUE capsule system produces an espresso that is unrivalled by any other method and is used by many top gastronomy restaurants including Nathan Outlaw in Rock, Cornwall, and L’Anima in London.

Liberty Wines & Devaux Champagne

Providing exceptional service has been at the heart of Liberty Wines for over 20 years. Its approach is simple: strive to supply the right wine to the right place at the right time and price. Awarded International Wine Challenge On-trade Supplier of the Year nine times, the company continues to invest in education and training for staff and customers, in the belief that increased knowledge improves service. Now in the fifth year of sponsoring these awards, Liberty Wines is delighted to recognise those in the industry who also strive for outstanding service.

Devaux, the official Champagne partner of these awards, shares this pursuit of excellence. Founded in 1846 in the southern part of the Côtes des Bar, Devaux retains total control over its grape supply which is a rarity in Champagne. The “D Collection” wines are Devaux’s very best. Grapes come from specific, sustainably farmed parcels across the Aube and the wines are aged for five years before release, resulting in rich, elegant Champagnes which demonstrate the careful attention to detail characteristic of the Devaux house.



The House of Sandeman has been a true pioneer in the Port world since its foundation in 1790. There are few more iconic images across the world of wine than the instantly recognisable ‘Don’ logo, created for the Sandeman family in 1928 by George Massiot Brown. The cape was modelled on the attire worn by university students in Porto, while the wide-brimmed hat was a nod to the family’s presence in Jerez. In 2017, Sandeman was announced as the world’s most awarded Port house by the most significant international competitions: Decanter World Wine Awards, International Wine Challenge and International Wine & Spirit Competition.

Always ahead of the curve the house was the first, in the early 1960’s, to recommend that White Port be served chilled with Tonic water. Try this perfect summer drink for yourself at this year’s Awards ceremony.

Merchant’s Heart

Merchant’s Heart is a range of seven spirit enhancers – the next big thing in premium mixers. The range includes Pink Peppercorn Tonic, Floral Aromatic Tonic, Hibiscus & Ginger Ale. Merchant’s Heart is all about flavour. Designed to enhance, not mask, the wonderful flavours found in premium spirits.

Merchant’s Heart was co-created with world-class bartenders and some of the Suntory group’s leading experts in carbonation and flavour. The guiding philosophy of Bikan Yuso (a sense of beauty and playful imagination) touches every element of the brand. Merchant’s Heart can be found in some of the UK’s very best bars and restaurants, including the Holborn Dining Room, MNKY-HSE, Yen and Clos Maggiore.

Merchant’s Heart is available from Matthew Clark, Amathus, and other specialist drinks retailers.



OpenTable is the world’s leading provider of online restaurant reservations, seating more than 25 million diners per month at over 45,000 restaurants. We’ve designed our technology to help restaurants deliver great hospitality and optimise their operations, so they can grow and thrive. Available in seven different languages, we offer diners a reliable way to discover and book restaurants when they travel throughout the UK and abroad. Since its inception in 1998, OpenTable has seated over 1.5 billion diners at restaurants worldwide. OpenTable is proud to be sponsoring the ‘Fit For Foodies’ award, based on OpenTable diner reviews.


Ritter Fresh

Ritter Fresh, part of Ritter Courivaud, is one of the UK’s leading fine food wholesalers specialising in the very best fresh meat, fish and game. Sourcing from around the world, we have been proud suppliers of the best quality ingredients to the most prestigious restaurants and leading establishments in London, and the rest of the UK, for over 20 years.

Ritter Fresh is renowned for our extensive and diverse fish supply which includes day boat fish and shellfish such as langoustine, diver caught scallops, crabs, lobsters and cockles. This is complimented by an expertly source meat range. Many of our products are reared on small farms to breed the finest produce.


Woods Foodservice

Established for over 40 years, Woods Foodservice is today, a renowned supplier of general and specialist, dry, chilled and frozen ingredients to the majority of London’s top chefs, fine dining restaurants and leading gastropubs. The business imports over 2,500 products from around the world and has a permanent presence in Rungis Market, Paris.

Innovation, passion and exceptional customer service are at the core of the Woods’ offering. The company’s continued commitment to its customers has won them Restaurant Magazine’s Chefs’ Choice Award for the last four years – testament to its dedication to the fundamental values of exceptional products through outstanding service.