Indian Accent

Mayfair, London

An internationally renowned restaurant serving hyper-creative Indian food designed to trigger food memories


In common with its siblings in New Delhi and New York, Indian Accent serves food designed to show Indian cuisine has a place in the world’s most creative restaurants. Opened in 2017, the Mayfair iteration of Indian Accent is the brand’s most recent and has been well received by a city that’s not short on high-end Indian restaurants.

What perhaps sets Indian Accent apart is it combines a modern and progressive approach with authentic Indian flavours (the spicing is always on point). The food is overseen by executive chef Manish Mehrotra, a respected Indian chef who likes to explore food memories à la Heston Blumenthal. “Giving people dishes based on food their mother or grandma served them when they were kids is unusual. It creates an emotional response because, like music, it takes you back,” he says.

To make such an approach viable with a largely non-Indian audience, Mehrotra creates Indian takes on western dishes, everything from lasagne to quesadillas. The current £85 11-course tasting menu includes blue cheese-stuffed mini naan breads; meetha achaar pork ribs, sundried mango, onion seeds; baked sea bass, amritsari masala butter, sweet corn kadhi; and doda barfi treacle tart, vanilla bean ice cream. Mehrotra plating style is impactful and big on geometric shapes (he is particularly skilled at making rustic meat-in-a-sauce dishes look beautiful).

Indian Accent’s interiors are designed to be the antithesis of maximalist Indian restaurant design with subtle subcontinental references and the brand’s signature pearl-lustered walls. It’s a classy joint, but relaxed by Mayfair standards.


16 Albemarle Street, Mayfair, London, W1S 4HW

020 7629 9802


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