Chef Of The Year

Andrew Wong

It’s difficult to think of a UK chef who has done more for the image of Chinese food in recent times than Andrew Wong. Opened in 2012, his flagship restaurant A Wong showcases the intricacy and scope of Chinese cuisine in a thrilling yet accessible manner. 2020 was a mixed bag for Wong – his more casual City restaurant Kym’s was a casualty of the pandemic – but it also saw A Wong go from one to two Michelin stars.

The unassuming Wilton Road venue is now the only Chinese restaurant outside Asia to hold two stars (it’s also currently the only Asian restaurant in the UK with more than one star). His work at the Victoria restaurant has shined a light on the clever techniques behind many Chinese dishes and proved there is far more to it than simply flinging a few things in a wok. What’s really exciting about Wong is that he’s not one to stand still.

Watching A Wong evolve over the years has been fascinating, with the pace of change now accelerating due to Wong’s work at London university SOAS, which sees him help academics make sense of ancient Chinese gastronomical texts. Time is running out for A Wong , with the site set to be redeveloped to make way for flats in the not-too-distant future. Anything could happen, but it seems unlikely that Wong will fade away as his original site closes its doors. The prospect of an all-new flagship restaurant for Wong is an enticing one indeed.

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