Spotlight: Claude Bosi’s takeout service

June 10, 2020

Claude Bosi is firing up his stoves at his Chelsea venue Bibendum once again to offer a collection service that includes everything from croissants to three course meals.

Make mine a tripe and cuttlefish gratin…

That’s a killer dish but it’s from Claude’s signature restaurant upstairs, which sadly isn’t expected to open for some time. The two-star French chef’s takeaway service is being run out of Bibendum’s more casual place downstairs. That’s fine by us. Though it’s inevitably talked about less than Claude’s two-star, the Oyster Bar at Bibendum is a bona fide London classic.

What’s on offer?

A wide selection of viennoisseries from Mikael Jonsson’s Hedone Bakery are on offer alongside three-course meals.

What’s on the menu?

One meal is composed of white almond soup, fish pie and cherry clafoutis with toasted almond ice cream; while another is made up of ham hock with homemade pickles, beef jam cottage pie and bread and butter pudding. Talking of bread, all orders include enough Hedone Bakery bread – considered by many to the best in London – for two people.

How does it work?

Customers can pop in to pick up coffee, tea and viennoisseries between 9am and 6pm. The three courses meals can be collected between 11.30am and 6pm but need to be ordered in advance. A selection of bins from Bibendum’s wine cellar are also on offer. The service runs Thursdays through to Sundays and launches tomorrow (11 June). Order directly on 020 7589 1480 or drop the team an email.