How the list is created

The National Restaurant Awards has an elite and authoritative judging academy, using a panel of more than 200 experts drawn from across the industry including food writers, chefs and restaurateurs.

The UK is split into 11 regions, with members of the academy voting for the top seven restaurants that they have dined at in the last 12 months, weighted in order of preference. The results are compiled, and the top 100 list of the best restaurants is created.

Special awards are also highlighted within the list including Wine List of the Year, The Service Award, Cocktail List of the Year, Chef to Watch, Chef of the Year, Restaurateur of the Year, and Lifetime Achievement. These are voted for separately by the same academy of experts while the One To Watch award is chosen by Restaurant magazine.

The Sustainability Award is judged by the Sustainable Restaurant Association​ and The Food Lovers Award is based on the number of votes cast the members of the general public.

We review the judging system – and update our voting academy – on an annual basis. While we recognise that restaurant rankings are not beyond criticism, we remain confident that the awards provide a credible annual snapshot of the UK restaurant scene.

Restaurants are accompanied by one to five pound signs that should be used as a rough guide as to the cost of a meal for one person. Prices are calculated based on food only (not drinks and service charge) with one pound sign awarded to restaurants where an average meal is £50 and under, two pound signs for £50-£100, three pound signs for £100-£150, four pound signs for £150-£200, and five pound signed for when a meal for one is over £200.

Prices were calculated as of May 2022 and may be subject to change.