Grace & Savour

West Midlands

Immersive dining is taken to new levels at this country house hotel restaurant


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Set in the 45-acre family-run Hampton Manor estate, Grace & Savour is built into the walls of a Victorian walled garden for an immersive dining experience unlike any other.

Husband and wife team head chef David Taylor and his wife Anette oversee proceedings, with guests taken on a tour of the gardens before sitting down to dinner of 15 courses dictated by what is available at the time. Rather than just picking top quality ingredients, a commitment to soil health, bio-diversity, ethics and sustainability underpins Taylor’s dishes, with techniques such as foraging, preserving and pickling all on display. Everything in its walled garden is grown with organic methods with Taylor also working with organic, biodynamic and regenerative farmers and the garden is even part of the GRFFN Project (Growing Real Food for Nutrition), a UK-wide initiative that looks at how growing methods affect nutrient density.

Grace & Savour’s considered approach to its offer continues with its drinks pairing, with alcoholic and non-alcoholic options that include kombuchas and teas as well as small-batch wines accompanying dishes.

Hampton Manor was the once family home of Frederick Peel, son of former Conservative Prime Minister Robert Peel - a house made for convening the leaders in industry and government. Today its importance is no less diminished, but as a destination for top-quality cooking with a conscience.
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