Woven by Adam Smith


Adam’s Smith’s slick restaurant is hotel fine dining at its unstuffy best


Long-term Coworth Park chef Adam Smith has reimagined what was formerly Restaurant Coworth Park into a dining room that now bears his name and the added weight of responsibility that comes with it.

Fortunately, Smith has proven that he’s more than up for the challenge, with the former The Ritz chef breathing new life into the dining space and creating a real restaurant of intent.

With Woven, Smith has read the mood of the past year or so where not all diners want to sit down for a multi-course four hour dinner and has instead created an offer that weaves (see what we’ve done there?) elements of tasting and a la carte menus. Woven offers a three course menu that’s bookended by a selection of savoury snacks and sweet ‘treats’ for a meal in which the diner has much of the control but where surprises still abound.

Smith’s cooking style remains rooted in the classical having spent nearly a decade under John Williams at The Ritz but he has expanded his culinary horizons to create a more eclectic dining experience. This change of direction is most evident in the snacks, with a number of the dishes having a strong Asian influence including an incredibly intricate Thai Cornish crab dish that is gone all too soon in a couple of bites.

Although the restaurant doubles as the hotel’s breakfast space, Woven’s interior is far from nondescript, with instillations above that give the appearance of a loom and long windows to one end of the dining room that provide views over Coworth’s beautiful and impressive estate. This is hotel dining at its unstuffy best.