Cocktail List Of The Year

Frog by Adam Handling

Frog by Adam Handling is a modern and eclectic restaurant experience with a healthy dose of Asian influence. Its cocktail menu follows suit but if anything it’s even more progressive and interesting than the food with the bar team collaborating with the kitchen to create some of the capital’s most eye-catching and palate-awakening drinks

Savoury ingredients feature heavily. Whisky is paired with miso and champagne in Uncensored, while Bluegrass is an amalgam of premium rum, strawberry vermouth, cut grass and corn husks. For cocktail nerds with cash to burn there is a selection of ‘antique’ drinks made with booze bottled way back in the 1950s. While there are inevitably sleeve tats and aplenty, the cocktail service at The Frog and its downstairs Eve Bar is friendly and unpretentious with advice always on hand for those overwhelmed by the relatively out-there menu (the bar is happy to mix more classic drinks on request).

The team has also gone to great lengths to ensure that those that are moderating their alcohol consumption or not drinking at all have something interesting to drink. Its non-alcoholic cocktails are creative and beautifully made with options including beetroot, black tea and fennel seed; parsley with butter and salt; and a take on an old fashioned involving plum, bayleaf and brown sugar.

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