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Restaurateur of the Year

Joshua and Victoria Overington

Hovingham, York

Restaurateur of the Year
Joshua Overington used to enjoy provoking his guests at his previous restaurant, York’s Le Cochon Aveugle. “Cochon was aggressive and bolshy and urban,” he admits. “We told people what they were eating, we didn’t really do dietaries and the music was a bit too loud.” 

Launched in 2023, his new restaurant Mýse - which he runs with his wife and front of house counterpart Vicky - has been conceived as a more grown-up and softer-edged counterpoint to the 20-odd cover restaurant with which the pair made their name. “Mýse is more feminine. It’s more relaxed. Things move slower and we hold the customer’s hand a bit more. We do dietaries,” he continues. 

The young duo have succeeded in creating a contemporary restaurant that is supremely welcoming and accommodating. On the site of a former gastropub in the north Yorkshire village of Hovingham, Mýse retains some pub trappings - including a bar with a few handpulls - but is unlikely to be mistaken for a village boozer with its whitewashed walls, minimalist feel and Noma-esque dining chairs. 

In the kitchen, Overington celebrates the produce of the British Isles while also nodding to the food he grew up on, describing his menu as ‘elevated grandma cooking’. Overseen by Vicky, the 300-bin wine list is big on classic wine regions with a focus on producers from eastern France (both originally from the UK, the pair met in the Alps). As well as offering a great experience to its customers the restaurant is also looking after its staff, operating a four-day week. As an overall package, Mýse simply dazzles.