The Sustainability Award


A restaurant that describes itself as always having the bin in mind might not sound like the kind of place you’d want to eat, but in the case of Silo you should make an exception.

Launched at the tail end of 2019, Douglas McMaster’s ‘zero waste’ restaurant is the result of painstaking work from the ambitious chef/restaurateur to open a restaurant that not only has full respect for the environment, agricultural practices and nutrition but which can also stand shoulder to shoulder with fine dining restaurants across the globe in terms of decor and food.

With Silo he has achieved this. And in impressively, too. The restaurant has its own flour mill for ancient varieties of wheat, churns it owns butter, produces its own oat milk, and practices nose to tail cooking that uses the whole of every animal killed. This approach continues throughout the restaurant, with the beautiful crockery made from plastic bags and tables from reconstituted food packaging, with the furniture either up-cycled or made from materials that would otherwise have been wasted. Anything that isn’t eaten isn’t thrown away either, but instead turned to valuable compost.

Between lockdowns McMaster reopened Silo as a wine bar with small plates and also opened White Building Market. Located at the White Building, the market showcased artisanal pioneers selected for their approaches to sustainability within their respective sectors.

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The Sustainability Award is sponsored by Estrella Damm, with thanks to the Sustainable Restaurant Association