Chef Sirichai Kularbwong's Thai restaurant has become a culinary cult classic


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Among the most affordable restaurants to have ever graced this list, Singburi has built a cult following for its bracingly-authentic Thai cooking. Located in East London’s Leytonstone, the family-run restaurant is helmed by chef Sirichai Kularbwong and, in more recent years, has started to make the transition from hidden local gem to a restaurant that people are willing to travel some distance for.

The cash-only restaurant offers a fixed a la carte menu of staple Thai dishes but the restaurant is perhaps best known for its blackboard, which lists dishes more adventurous dishes that one would be unlikely to come across in a common-or-garden UK Thai restaurant.

Mainstays of the black board include fiery relishes served with fresh fruits and vegetables, even more fiery larbs, moo krob (crispy pork belly with chilli and holy basil), seafood dishes including the restaurant’s famous clams with roast chilli jam and basil and limited availability curries such as goong pad cha plu (Southern Thai-style curry of prawn and betel leaf).

In a first for this list the restaurant is fully BYO, with management only asking that guests take their empties away when they leave. It’s worth checking opening hours before you visit as it’s only open a few nights a week and bookings are only taken by phone.