Southwark, London

Bomee Ki and Woongchul Park meld classical French technique with influences from their native Korea


Sollip isn’t a Korean restaurant, although it is often perceived as such. On a backstreet just south of London Bridge station, the 25-cover venue offers an ambitious and thoughtful menu of modern French cuisine that utilises some ideas and specialist ingredients that have their origins in husband-and-wife duo Woongchul Park and Bomee Ki’s native South Korea (the restaurant takes its name from the Korean word for pine needle). 

The majority of Sollip’s tasting menu changes four times a year, which is quite something given the attention to detail that goes into each dish. French-leaning tasting menus with a smattering of Asian ingredients are far from a novelty these days, but those at Sollip hit different thanks to its co-creators’ elevated understanding and obvious advantage when it comes to sourcing the good stuff. 

Small and with limited opening hours due to the couple having two young children to look after (because of this, the pastry-focused Bomee doesn’t do service, instead coming in very early to sort out the prep) the restaurant doesn’t generate much of a return for the couple. Sollip is that very rare thing indeed - a true labour of love.