Tim Allen’s appropriately named first solo venture neatly incorporates culinary influences from around the world


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For Tim Allen, Sō-lō is the culmination of an incredible career. Born in Yorkshire, his early CV includes senior roles with Martin Burge at Whatley Manor and with Daniel Clifford at Midsummer House. He’s also headed a number of top restaurant kitchens including Launceston Place in London, The Wild Rabbit in Oxfordshire and The Flitch of Bacon in Essex, which all won Michelin stars under his tenure.

Sō-lō, appropriately named to denote it being Allen’s first solo restaurant venture, started out life as a pop-up at Ardfin golf course and country club on the Scottish island of Jura serving a menu of high-end, produce-driven dishes. It was an exceptional dining experience of understated luxury, and one that endures in the restaurant’s permanent home in the village of Aughton in Lancashire.

As a dining experience, Sō-lō is charming and modern; low key in its delivery, but still with plenty of impact. The restaurant’s close relationships with farmers and other artisan food producers, locally and across the UK, guarantees that every menu features a wealth of exceptional ingredients that are the perfect accompaniment to Allen’s considered cooking. The six-course menu neatly incorporates culinary influences from around the world, with notes of British, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine often found on Sō-lō’s regularly changing tasting menu.

Housed in a former pub, the dining room is bright and comfortable, with the open kitchen giving diners the chance to observe Allen in his element, creating a succession of dishes that both intrigue and delight.