Smoking Goat


Thai drinking food to awaken the senses


Located on the corner of Redchurch Street, Ben Chapman and Brian Hannon’s Shoreditch restaurant deals in Thai drinking food – and by that they mean punchy, full flavour and often fiery dishes that command the consumption of an ice-cold beverage in order to be fully appreciated.

Little has changed since the restaurant opened in 2017, adding to the original site in Soho that closed soon after. The menu starts with 'the essentials' – dishes deemed to be those that a diner should not overlook that include its now legendary fish sauce chilli wing; 12-hour smoked short rib; and fried egg rice and noodles - which can be enhanced further with the addition of dips such as a pokey nahm jim green chilli option. Following that there’s ‘everything else’, with dishes that vary from a light raw mackerel and spring herbs, and green mango salad, to kra pow smoked mutton, and khua kling chicken liver.

Then there’s the drinks themselves. A good range of beers on tap, sold in two thirds of a pint measures, is accompanied by a short but impactful cocktail list and a range of soft drinks that include Thai pink milk, fermented pineapple soda, and a blood orange shrub.

The appeal of Smoking Goat goes beyond the food and drink, however. The dark, moody space has an almost unique vibe with the often frenetic open kitchen ablaze with fire and smoke as chefs quick fry in woks and cook in clay pots. It’s a hive of activity that creates an atmosphere that is both infectious and exhilarating.

Earlier this year the restaurant transformed itself into a Thai-style fried chicken shop, cranking out superior chicken served with a range of dips. Such was its success that it extended its one-month run. Could a permanent chicken offer be on the cards? We hope so.
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