Soho, London

Spanish food meets Welsh ingredients at Tomos Parry's latest London restaurant


Located on Soho’s Beak Street, Anglesey-born chef Tomos Parry has drawn on his Welsh heritage as well as a love for cooking over open fire with a menu that showcases top class ingredients.

Run by London-based restaurant Group Super 8, the team behind Mountain are no strangers to the north part of this list. Its other restaurants include Kiln, a former Best Restaurant in the UK, and Brat, which has previously held the number two spot, as well as Smoking Goat, and they have taken a similar approach at these restaurants to Mountain - ie a meticulous attention to sourcing, sustainability and ingredient quality, all delivered with fun and flair.

Mountain is technically a fine dining restaurant yet it has a very casual feel thanks to its various spaces. These include a downstairs dining area that leads into the pastry section of the kitchen and bar with an excellent sound system and vinyl collection, while a ground floor dining room has an open kitchen to the rear and a casual counter at which people can sit and either eat or drink (or both). One can just as easily pop into for a glass of wine and a plate of food as a have a blow out meal, which can’t be said of many establishments of such ambition.

The menu is eclectic, and has been designed with great care with dishes that include beef sweetbreads and violet artichokes; grilled red peppers with razor clams; and a whole lobster caldereta - Spanish for cooking pot – that comes to the table in an earthenware pot with many cooked on Mountain’s impressive bespoke wood grill.