32. Jöro


A small plates restaurant that takes the notion of snacking to brave new heights


Chef-patron Luke French describes Jöro as an urban restaurant influenced by nature, one that mixes true innovation with the finest available ingredients. Others simply describe it as a breath of fresh air for Sheffield’s dining scene.

With Jöro there’s the feeling that French doesn’t want people to miss out on what he’s got to offer. While many restaurants tend to either serve an à la carte menu of larger dishes or a longer tasting menu of smaller ones, at Jöro there’s the option of both but also to eat the smaller tasting menu dishes at your whim. The food comes in the form of lots of snacks and small plates, allowing diners to create bespoke menus based on their appetite and budget. While some tasting menus can grow tiresome, at Jöro the momentum is retained throughout.

There is a set menu (two courses for £23, three for £29) and a longer tasting menu (nine courses for £50, 12 for £65) but for the most fun you need to let yourself loose on the small plates selection that allows you to not only pick and choose dishes from the other menus but also add new dishes.

French’s food is fresh and exciting, with every small mouthful a joy. Standout snacks include his bbq katsu pork belly; fermented Mayan Gold potato with smoked herring roe; and fatty tuna belly with tare and an aromatic green paste.

294 Shalesmoor, Sheffield, West Yorkshire, S3 8US

0114 299 1539


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